Synopsis In Dentistry : Orthodontics

1.   Father of orthodontics E .H. Angle
2.   Orthodontics is a term coined by le fouloun (FRANCE)
3.   Orthodontia means orthos correct right, dont tooth, ics science.
4.   Orthodontics is a study of dental and oral development it seeks to detrmine the factore that control growth rocesses to the end that a normal function and anatomical relationshi of these arth may be realized and aims to learn the influence necessary to maintain such condition. (Mc coy, 1931.

Synopsis In Dentistry : Dental Materials

1. Father of Indian dentistry -----R AHMED


2. Stress ----the internal force resisting the appiied external load in a unit area is called stress.

3. Dependin upon direction and magnitude stress may be:
Compressive----it is the internal resistance to load placed on a body, which tends to compress/ shorten it.
 Tensile--- any resistance to deformation of a body by load that tends to stretch/elongate it.
Shear--- stress that tends to resist twisting motion or a sliding of one portion of a body over another.
Impact---- it is the stress that is induced by one/both bodies in motion when they meet.

Synopsis in dentistry:9

9.Eagle's syndrome-It is due to elongation of styloid process or ossification of stylohyoid ligament causing dysphagia,sore throat,glossodynia,headache,and vague pain along the distribution of internal and external carotid arteries.Pharyngeal pain and dysphagia are chief compaints in eagle's syndrome


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